Trademarks and Barcodes

West Union offers a quick and easy way for registration of trademark in the EU, U.S., China and Russia.

Registration of trademarks is an effective protection of your company against unfair competition. Registered trademark will clearly identify for the consumer of your product or service among the masses of others. It is a trademark that gives you the opportunity to legally defend your interests.

West Union Group introduces an unique approach to register trademark in the Russian market with a faster and simplified registration process carried out by the head office located in Germany.
   The procedure and conditions for registration of trade mark The registration of your trademark will be held by the staff of the head office of West Union Group in Berlin. Before registration our experts will review the registered trademark and will execute (prepare/fill-in/obtain?) all necessary documents.
Stages of registration:
  •  Search databases of registered trademarks for any identical or similar marks on the Register within 4-5 business days, as well as on the basis of applications filed for registration
  •  Classify your activities according to the International Classification of Goods and Services
  • Consultation should the need arise in the finalization of the mark
  • Submitting an application to the World Intellectual Property Organization (Switzerland)
  • Submitting an application to the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (Russia)
  • Obtaining a certificate of registration of trade mark

Registration Period: from 3 to 8 months.
If you are ready to provide the materials needed to begin the registration process, send the form owner via e-mail marked "registration of a trademark or contact us at +7 (495) 773 36 46
Owner form mark
  •  Name of organization (individual entrepreneur)
  •  Name and title of fiduciary
  • <li"> Contacts trustee - e-mail, office and mobile phone, fax
  •  Organization properties owner - legal and actual address, bank details
  •  Variants of the registered trademark for the visual and combined notation (graphic files)
  •  Classes for International Classification of Goods (standard - 3 pcs.) - The goods and services for which you want to register a trademark.
Registration Cost
Registration cost, includes the cost of three classes. (For each additional class is required surcharge of 500 euros). 10 years of trademark protection periods and can be renewed after payment of the cost of usage for the next 10 years. Protection periods will be automatically expired If this payment is not made.
The cost of registration of a trademark  

 In one country in the EU (Including all the necessary payments)

Start from 1500 Euros
(Include 3 classes )

 All countries in the EU (except Switzerland and Norway)

Start from 2000 Euros
(Include 3 classes )
 International Trademark
(On the basis of the Madrid Protocol, which includes 77 countries)
Start from 18 000 Euros
(Include 3 classes )

Registration barcode

To conduct trade with EU countries, to mark goods using barcodes recorded by European standards. For making barcode it is necessary to incorporate a company in the country where it is planned to obtain a barcode. Moscow Representative of West Union Group in a period will register barcodes for your products in a period not more than two months.

Necessary documents for registration (legal entity):

  • Charter;
  • Certificate of registration issued from the appropriate register;
  • Document confirming the appointment and powers of the manager or owner of the company, which provides on its behalf the necessary documentation;
  • Address and contact phone numbers of the manager or owner of the company.
  • Necessary documents for registration (Individual):
    • Copy of passport ;
    • Proof of postal address.
    Cost of registration bar codes  
     9 - digit barcode
    Used for 1000 different kinds of products in quantities up to 10 million units

    Registration fee: 5000 Euro.
    Annual support fee:  700 Euro 


     8 - digit barcode
    Used to 10,000 different kinds of products in quantities up to 100 million units

    Registration fee: 7000 Euro.
    Annual support fee:  900 Euro 


     7 – digit barcode
    Used for 100 000 different items of products in quantities up to 1 billion pieces


    Registration fee: 9000 Euro.
    Annual support fee:  1100 Euro 

    International Classification of Goods and Services for Trademark Registration

    If you do not know what type include the desired product or service, use the detailed description:

     Class 1

    •  chemical products for use in industry, science and photography, agriculture, horticulture and forestry;
    •  unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics;
    •  fertilizer;
    •  fire extinguishing compositions;
    •  preparations for tempering and soldering preparations;
    •  chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs;
    •  tannins;
    •  adhesive substances for industrial purposes.
     Class 2
    •  paints, varnishes, lacquers;
    •  preservatives against rust and against deterioration of wood;
    •  pigments;
    •  mordants;
    •  raw natural resins;
    •  metals in foil and powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists
     Class 3
    •  bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use;
    •  cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations;
    •  soaps;
    •  perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions; 
    •  tooth powders and pastes.

     Class 4

    •  Industrial oils and greases;
    •  lubricants;
    •  absorbing, wetting and binding dust;
    •  fuels (including motor spirit) and illuminants;  
    •  сandles and wicks for lighting.
     Class 5
    •  pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations;
    •  sanitary preparations for medical purposes;
    •  dietary substance for medical purposes, food for babies;
    •  materials for dressings;
    •  material for stopping teeth, dental wax;
    •  disinfectants;
    •  preparations for destroying vermin;
    •  fungicides, herbicides.
     Class 6
    •  common metals and their alloys;
    •  metal building materials (Metal);
    •  portable buildings of metal;
    •  materials of metal for railway tracks;
    •  metal cables and wires (non electric);
    •  ironmongery, small items;
    •  metal pipes;
    •  safes;
    •  goods of common metal not included in other classes;
    •  ore.
     Class 7
    •  machines and machine tools;
    •  engines (except for land vehicles);
    •  connection and transmission components (except for land vehicles);
    •  agricultural implements other than hand-operated;
    •  incubators.
     Class 8
    •  hand tools and implements;
    •  cutlery;
    •  forks and spoons;
    •  edged weapons; ;
    •  razor.
     Class 9
    •  devices and Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signaling, monitoring (checking), rescue and training;
    •  equipment and instruments for transmission, distribution, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity;
    •  equipment for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images;
    •  magnetic data carriers, recording discs;
    •  automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus;
    •  cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers;
    •  fire-extinguishing apparatus.
     Class 10
    •  devices and instruments, surgical, medical, dental and veterinary;
    •  artificial limbs, eyes and teeth;
    •  orthopedic articles;
    •  suture materials. .
     Class 11
    •  devices for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes.
     Class 12
    •  vehicles;
    •  equipment for locomotion by land, air or water.
     Class 13
    •  firearms;
    •  бammunition and projectiles;
    •  explosives;
    •  fireworks.
     Class 14
    •  precious metals and their alloys and goods or coated therewith, not included in other classes;
    •  jewelry, precious stones;
    •  horological and chronometric instruments.
     Class 15с
    •  musical instruments.
     Class 16
    •  paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes;
    •  printed matter;
    •  bookbinding material;
    •  photographs;
    •  stationery;
    •  adhesives for stationery or household purposes;
    •  supplies for artists;
    •  brushes;
    •  typewriters, and office supplies (excluding furniture);
    •  training materials and visual aids (except apparatus);
    •  plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes);
    •  playing cards;
    •  fonts;
    •  printing plates.
     Class 17
    •  rubber, gutta-percha, asbestos, mica and goods made from those materials, not included in other classes;
    •  products of partially processed plastics;
    •  materials for packing, stopping and insulating materials;
    •  nonmetallic flexible pipes.
     Class 18
    •  leather and imitations of leather, goods made of these materials, not included in other classes;
    •  animal skins;
    •  trunks and suitcases;
    •  umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks;
    •  whips, harness and saddlery.
     Class 19
    •  of non-metallic building materials;
    •  non-metallic rigid pipes for building;
    •  asphalt, pitch and bitumen;
    •  non-metallic transportable buildings;
    •  nonmetallic monuments.
     Class 20
    •  furniture, mirrors, picture frames, etc.;
    •  goods, not included in other classes, of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, tortoise-shell, shell, amber, pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for these materials or of plastics.
     Class 21
    •  household or kitchen utensils and containers (not of precious metal or coated therewith);
    •  combs and sponges;
    •  brushes (except paint brushes);
    •  brush-making materials;
    •  devices for cleaning purposes;
    •  wool, metal;
    •  raw or semi-worked glass (except building glass);
    •  glassware, porcelain and earthenware not included in other classes.
     Class 22
    •  ropes, string, nets, tents, awnings, tarpaulins, sails, sacks and bags, not included in other classes;
    •  padding and stuffing materials (except of rubber or plastics);
    •  raw fibrous textile materials.
     Class 23 
    •  textile threads and yarns.
     Class 24
    •  textiles and textile goods, not included in other classes;
    •  blankets, bedspreads and tablecloths.
     Class 25
    •  clothing, footwear, headgear.
     Class 26
    •  clothing, footwear, headgear. Lace and embroidery, ribbons and braid;
    •  buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles;
    •  artificial flowers.
     Class 27
    •  carpets, rugs, mats, linoleum and other floor coverings;
    •  tennye wallpaper and non-textile.
     Class 28
    •  games and playthings;
    •  gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes;
    •  decorations.
     Class 29
    •  meat, fish, poultry and game;
    •  meat extracts;
    •  vegetables and fruit, canned, dried and cooked;
    •  jellies, jams, compotes;
    •  eggs, milk and milk products;
    •  oils and fats.
     Class 30 
    •  coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, cassava (manioc), sago, coffee substitutes;
    •  flour and cereal products, bakery products, confectionery products, ice cream;
    •  honey, treacle syrup;
    •  yeast, baking-powder;
    •  salt, mustard;
    •  vinegar, condiments;
    •  spices;
    •  ice.
     Class 31
    •  agricultural, horticultural and forestry products and grains not included in other classes;
    •  live animals;
    •  fresh fruits and vegetables;
    •  seeds, natural plants and flowers;
    •  animal feed;
    •  malt.
     Class 32
    •  beer;
    •  mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks;
    •  fruit drinks and fruit juices;
    •  syrups and other preparations for making beverages.
     Class 33
    •  alcoholic beverages (except beers).
     Class 34
    •  tobacco;
    •  smokers' articles;
    •  matches.
     Class 35
    •  advertising;
    •  business management;
    •  administrative activities in the field of business;
    •  office functions.
     Class 36
    •  Insurance;
    •  financial activities;
    •  monetary affairs;
    •  real estate operations.
     Class 37
    •  construction;
    •  repairing;
    •  installation of equipment.
     Class 38
    •  telecommunications.
     Class 39
    •  transport;
    •  packaging and storage of goods;
    •  organization of travel.
     Class 40 
    •  processing materials
     Class 41
    •  education;
    •  providing of training;
    •  entertainment;
    •  sporting and cultural activities.
     Class 42
    •  scientific and technological services and related research and development;
    •  industrial analysis and research;
    •  development and improvement of hardware and software of computers;
    •  legal Service.
     Class 43
    •  services for providing food and drink;
    •  temporary accommodation.
     Class 44
    •  medical services;
    •  veterinary services;
    •  services in health and beauty care for humans and animals;
    •  services in the field of agriculture, horticulture and forestry.
     Class 45
    •  personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals;
    •  security services for the protection of property and individuals.
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