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Nowadays, when you have to make timely and difficult decisions while “the rules of the game” are under continuous change, a taxation advice is necessary for every business, helping managers to ensure competitiveness and efficiency for their business. Consultants at West Union Group are ready to provide the necessary support in resolving tax burden issues for your company.  

Since its opening in Russia, West Union Group has gained high level of experience to provide services in the field of taxation which meets current market demands. In our work we rely both on established international practices adopted by West Union Group, and in-house standards for planning and implementing projects.
We have a team of very experienced tax professionals providing consulting services in the area of taxation, responding sensitively to any changes and current trends in Civil and Tax law in Russia and in other jurisdictions. Our experts have the opportunity to interact with colleagues from the offices of West Union in Germany, Cyprus, China, Hong Kong, etc., which allows us to offer timely integrated solutions in the field of international tax planning and customs regulation. Each new project and tax advice to our clients confirms the impeccable professional reputation as of West Union and their ability to solve the most difficult tasks in the least possible time

Business partners take stability of the company as key principal while making an agreement. All the companies incorporated in classic offshore are always subject to high attention because they are considered to be fly-by-night companies which operate through nominal directors and do not fulfill their obligations.

To avoid such a negative impression of your company in the eyes of your potential clients, West Union Group proposes artificial “aging” of your business. We can offer ready-made companies which were incorporated for few years. The price for such company does not differ much from the newly incorporated company. Fee for annual maintenance will be depended on how “old” you want your company to be.
In some countries, the duration of company is one of the strong legislative requirements in order to undergo different procedures, such as applying for license, tender participation, arranging of sale agreement. For example, in United Arab Emirates a foreign company can only be a founder of a local company 5 years after its incorporation date. And most of the world’s leading banks traditionally consider the date of company creation and it has strong influence on loan granting.  

West Union consultants are eager to give you advice regarding any issues of company registration for free and recommend you the best options for your business as well as detailed research.

To get a consultation please dial: +7 (495) 987 1855

Below you will find a list of our services in the field of Russian and international taxation:

Tax optimization for branches
International Holding structures
Corporate Taxation
Customs legislation and VAT laws
Other issues 

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