Offshore and low tax jurisdictions are the real opportunity to increase your business revenues legally. These countries are characterized by a simplified procedure of incorporation of companies, no restrictions on foreign exchange, and, most importantly, the lack of high and strict taxation policies for companies registered in offshore jurisdictions. The undeniable advantage is the low cost offshore incorporation of companies.
Below you can see the major Offshore jurisdictions in which we register companies.
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Other countries





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 Hong Kong



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The authorized capital of companies in most offshore jurisdictions is declared, which means that it is not mandatory the capital of the company to be paid in full, thus the term “nominal capital”. Financial statements submitted once a year, and in some jurisdictions, the company may be completely exempt from the tax returns (depending on the tax legislation of the country).
The offshore company is considered to be legitimate (registered) if its Beneficial owner has four key documents:
• certificate of registration;
• protocol on the appointment of directors;
• charter;
• Memorandum of Association.

If you decide to purchase a ready-made offshore company, all these documents can be given to you in the office of West Union Group at the day of purchase (the paperwork takes less than an hour).

Our experienced consultants can help you to choose the most appropriate jurisdiction according to your situation and demand. An integrated approach to your business allows you to make optimal use of the advantages of the laws of various countries with regard to the specifics of your business. In case you decide to cooperate with West Union Group , you'll be able to get quality service, with maintaining complete confidentiality.

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