West Union provides assistance to individual entrepreneurs and companies who want to open a legal entity or representative branch in the European Union.
Creating your own company in the European Union - is an opportunity to benefit from being a subject to all norms of the EU legislation. You can become an equal partner of major European companies and cooperate with them in similar circumstances.
Below you can see the major European jurisdictions in which we register companies.
Information on other countries can be obtained by simply contacting us by phone +7 495 987 18 55






Other countries





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Headquartered in Berlin, Europe is one of the key regions in the geography of our business.
We are ready to provide you with quality service taking into consideration all your requirements and needs. We can take a significant part in the process of creating solutions for any difficulty which your business may face. West Union Group‘s Resources may be useful for you in case of
•         You are registering your company or opening a business in Europe and looking for experienced consultants.
•         You are interested in business immigration in the EU, but you do not have time to deal with such issue.
•         You need a registered address for your new company in Europe.
•         Accounting services and audit of European companies take too much of your time and effort.
•         Your company needs offices and living places in Europe.
•         You need to obtain a residence permit in the EU.

Contacts of West Union companies
  • Berlin +49 30 24724252
  • Moscow +7 (495) 773 36 46
  • St. Petersburg +7 931 3372795
  • London +44 78 12524249
  • Paris +33 14 7430883
  • Nicosia +357 22377311
  • New York +1 347 4509922
  • Hong Kong +852 28910030
  • Riga +371 28455799
  • Kiev +380 96 1892877
  • Luxembourg +49 171 4139820
  • Shanghai +852 61483894
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