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Custom registration, delivery and insuring of cargoes from China

Any export transaction usually consists of two parts: customs registration and delivering of a cargo and its insurance.
 Chinese customs begins with your contract. There is a paragraph on the documents required to be submitted by supplier along with the goods. This paragraph should be maximum precise – another words – every point should have its exact name both in English and in Russian. If your Chinese partner won’t arrange such a document – you will have a lot of problems at Russian customs.

You can avoid problems by getting a prompt advice of West Union specialists who have extended experience in the sphere of logistics and customs registration. We have partnership with major Chinese and international suppliers.

For your convenience you can choose one of the four ways to cooperate with us:

A.    To make an agreement with us – directly with Chinese resident and arrange a transaction certificate.
B.    To make an agreement with us – a member of FEA of Russian Federation and to conduct  delivering
C.    To make an agreement with our Chinese export company which helps to reduce tax and that will minimize taxes and simplify the payment procedure.
D.    We also provide the following services which you can order both complex or separately:

1. Registration of export contracts. Legal, financial and practical support for import-export transactions at all stages and any complexity
2. Attendance at the loading of our experts that monitor the accuracy of labeling, packaging integrity, compliance consignment transport documents the number and scope
3. Monitoring of cargo throughout the entire journey - from the factory gate to the door of your warehouse. Organization supplies "door-to-door"
4. Ocean, rail, road and air transportation of goods from China and Hong Kong. Container transport. Multimodal and intermodal international transport. Express delivery.
5. Consolidation of cargo anywhere in China, warehousing services in China. Groupage (cargo) from China to Russia and CIS
6. All types of cargo insurance
7. (NEW) The preparation and amendment of export (customs) documents, including a package of internationally recognized certificates, certified by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry for Foreign Economic development required for passage of goods through Russian customs at a price "lower risk" (anti-CCC -Program)
8. (NEW) Getting China to the accompanying documentation at any stage of the export operations (including after the release of the goods from the customs territory of China).
9. Representation of clients in customs bodies of Russia: customs clearance (for the lowest rates in the shortest possible time), customs brokerage
10. Advising on foreign trade activities: preparation of logistics schemes, minimizing the costs of shipping and customs duty
11. Help in registration of legal entities in China, Hong Kong and other jurisdictions to implement import and export activity



Customs registration

Proper design of commodity-shipping and customs documents is the key to the success of any import-export operations, especially if a party to a transaction in favor of such a "difficult" partner, what is without doubt the Chinese counterpart.
The first thing you should pay attention at the time of preparation of the contract - this is a list of documents that will accompany your goods to their destination (in the contract for the supply of this must be a dedicated point). If you miss something, then get the document after the fact would be difficult, and in some cases impossible at all, since some certificates can be issued only until the goods have gone beyond the factory gate, since they require prior expert assessment. Besides, your partner for quite legitimately will not do extra work if you are him about this writing is not asked, which is quite logical.
The minimum list of documents attached to the product looks like this:

1.Price list, certified by the Chamber of Commerce (TTP) or the Ministry for Foreign Economic Development of China (IWA) - the original
2. Invoice - Original
3.packing list - original
4.Bill of lading (konasament) - a good copy
5. Export Declaration - a good color copy o
6. Translation of the export declaration (in English), certified in TTP or MVR
7. Certificate of Origin Form "A", certified in TTP or MVR
8. Certificate

In addition you must have:

9. Contract with applications (preferably also certified in TTP or MVR)
10. Copy of passport deal, sealed by the company
11. swift payment (subject to contract, which indicate the amount of prepayment)
12. Transport Agreement (with the breakdown: "to Russia" and "on the RF")
13. Certificates Russia
14. If the price is "lower risk", then provide an analytical background, in which: links to Internet sites of your counterparty and websites of Chinese companies producing similar goods, information gleaned from official sources and other direct and indirect data proved that the announced price is average in China. In addition you can refer to their contracts, where the selling price will be higher than purchasing no more than 25% (taking into account all costs and trade margins). Better yet, seek expert opinion about your product from the Russian Chamber of Commerce:

Having all these documents, of course, does not guarantee you a smooth passage through customs  but significantly reduces the risk of being subjected to CTS (adjustment of customs value in the RF)  and completely "on white", without additional cost.


Chinese customs have to provide you with all the necessary documentation which is pointed out in your contract in the paragraph “Customs registration”.

If everything is ok than you will have to perform customs clearing at the country of destination and get your cargo at minimal financial losses.
West Union regular clients prefer to avoid all the difficulties regarding delivering and customs clearance and book a special complex service – “door-to-door”. In this case all the process of goods delivering from China to your destination place is organized by West Union specialists and at our risk.

To save your time on preliminary coordination you can fill in a request on goods delivering. Our department of logistics will determine the approximate price of delivering and transport corridor.



Delivering of goods from China

The main rule of successful cooperation with Chinese suppliers is to keep everything under control from the very beginning to the very end.  Especially you should pay much attention to the process of delivering.  Monitoring of cargo delivering throughout the whole export transaction is the only guarantee of its safeness.  The logistic chain consists at least from 3 parts: loading of cargo to containers at a factory, transporting it to the harbor or railway station, customs registration and delivering, customs clearance in the country of destination.
One should keep in mind that it’s very important to make a check up before delivering:  package safety, correct marking, conformity of the goods transport documents to the number and scope and then to make sure that all the goods are found in containers and safely returned to port.


 Cargo insurance

Despite the fact that the technology of international traffic, its modern technical equipment and computerization, the constant improvement of means of transportation make delivery of goods over long distances more reliable, fast and cheap, the risk of loss and damage of the cargo still remains. Especially frequent violations of the integrity of the packaging, product defects, and its deficiency in containers arriving from China. Therefore, we recommend you not to neglect the services of insurance that will minimize your risks at relatively low cost. The standard package of insurance services which includes compensation for losses caused by partial or complete loss of the goods or damaged for various reasons will not cost you a sum which usually does not exceed 1% of the value of the goods.
Such favorable conditions West Union Group offers to its clients due to long-term partnerships with many Russian and international insurance companies.

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