Business in China: Advice on doing business

West Union specialists will advice you on any issue relating to company registration and business development in China.  

  • We can recommend the most advantageous form of organization for your business in China based on the requirements of legislation; advise on a procedure for registration of a company in China and the list of required documents to start the registration process;
  • Advice on the application of civil, corporate, labor, land, tax laws of China;

  • Advice on the issues of financial and economic activities of your company or representative office in China



Oral consultation fee is 4000 rubles (first 30 min is for free!)

Don’t waste your precious time and nerves searching for the best – you have already found it for you!
West Union specialists will provide you with detailed consultation on your business maintenance and legal issues.  

Accounting and legal service for Chinese companies

It is impossible to imagine modern business without clear rules and frames.  Situation in Chinese legal sphere as well as in business sphere is dynamic and is changing rapidly. It is quite difficult to understand all the intricacies of legislation. Moreover, it is important to track constantly all the legislation changes.

Consulting is an inherent part of modern business. Take advantage of professional advice and you will be informed of recent tendencies, making your business in China more protected and successful.

Our company provides full legal maintenance of your business in China. Our specialists solve difficult and unusual tasks which appear in the business process in China. Legal support is carried out depending on the different aspects of Chinese legislation and international business law.

Comprehensive support of your business allows avoiding mistakes in agreements, documents and wrong interpretation of norms and requirements.  We guarantee to protect your business from mistakes which could lead to financial losses.  
West Union Group provides services in accounting and legal monthly support of foreign companies’ representative offices and companies with foreign investments.

Preparation and legal support of contracts

After you have chosen the supplier of your goods, it is the time to prepare the contract. On how exhaustively would take into account your interests in the articles of the Treaty depends your legal protection, which, in turn, enforce your partner its contractual obligations.

In the case of Chinese partners, compared with other foreign partners, there are a number of concerns of drafting such documents. One of the concerns is the language. At best, but extremely rare case, the contract will be drawn up in English. That is why it is essential in drafting Russian and Chinese versions of contracts and supplementary agreements.

Chinese suppliers tend to prepare contracts in the way to limit their maximum liability. And even a very competent and experienced lawyer who is not a specialist in the field of legal relations with China will not be able to take into account all the possible nuances of the transaction to reflect this in the contract.

Practice shows that the Chinese partners are very reluctant to sign the treaty which stipulates specific conditions and responsibilities. However, to avoid problems in future, all the wishes of the parties should be clearly defined and detailed of in the contract between the supplier and buyer.
In addition to standard data for the contracts - the number and cost of goods, the particulars of the parties, duration and manner of payment, the contract should reflect the conditions of supply (the place where the goods passes to the buyer), conditions of carriage, the liability for delay in delivery, quality assurance and conditions return products that are not relevant technical requirements and control samples.
Almost every businessman who purchases products in China faces a lot of problems that occur because of the specificity of doing business in this country. Therefore, knowing the complexity of the problems encountered by foreign businesses in China, we advise you to provide training and legal support for contract professionals who have experience in China.

Our company provides the following services on legal support of the contract, namely: the necessary consultations on the text, ensuring the preparation of their Russian and Chinese versions of legal study and examination of the transaction, advice on tax and customs legislation, legal support in the event of disputes in customs, advice on the movement of goods through customs and the calculation of customs duties. We will provide you with legal support on various issues of Chinese and international law.
In addition, we will give you advice on the application of Chinese law, conducting legal analysis or other constituent documents of your contractors, providing legal support in dealing with customs disputes, as well as the settlement of various disputes arising in foreign economic activity.

Checking the reliability of the Chinese partner

  • Services of verification the reliability of Chinese partner
  • Checking the reliability and financial status of the Chinese company

West Union offers services in China to verify the reliability and assess the financial status of  your planned or existing business partner - the Chinese company in any region of China.

The result of this service is a report that contains the following information about the company in China:

  • Description of the study;
  • Information about business operations and financial condition of the Chinese company;
  • Information about the sources.

To report will be accompanied by copies of the founding and registration documents of the Chinese company, official documents of the PRC government (where necessary), documents, certified bank or audit offices.

The price in China to verify the reliability of partner - a Chinese company - and its financial condition is starting from just $500 .The value affects the location of the company in China, its organizational and legal form and the main activity.

Help in solving litigation, arbitration and other disputes

West Union Group provides legal services in China, help in solving disputes in court and arbitration of China on economic disputes in the business field in China and in other cases involving the protection of the rights and interests of the client.

Once requests to conduct his case to arbitration, we first seek to pre-trial settlement of the dispute, which can significantly save time and costs associated with removal of disagreements in the courts. If the decision of the dispute without court intervention is impossible, then we hold a preliminary assessment of the prospects of judicial dispute resolution, carefully collect the necessary evidence and prepare a statement of claim and other documents for filing in court.

The responsibilities of our lawyers include:

  • study materials provided by the client;
  • Evaluation of Judicial perspectives of the dispute;
  • preparation and drafting of the statement of claim in accordance with the laws of China and the specific rules of law;
  • collect the necessary evidence;
  • calculation of the size of state duty.

According to the Law of the PRC to the Legal Profession and Legal Representation "to participate and speak on behalf of the trustee” - a foreign entity, during the trial, can only lawyer who has a license issued by the Ministry of Justice of China. In this connection, we have partnership agreements with Chinese law firms, with whom we jointly preparing a package of claim materials, collect evidence and to supervise their work during the presentation of the interests and rights of our clients in judicial and arbitral bodies of the PRC.

Marketing research in China

West Union is a business partner of many organizations on marketing support for business in China. Typically, the first step in opening a business in China is a market survey, in which the West Union is constantly collecting and analyzing information of different sectors of Chinese industry. Conducting Market research in China for clients would help them find the most effective business solutions, reducing the economic risks of mistaken choice of a market strategy, tactics.

A basic requirement for research is high reliability of the information. Collecting such information is a complex, expensive and lengthy process. Current status of the Chinese market is characterized by high variability of all factors, the extreme complexity of the prediction directions of its development. That is why the West Union provides marketing research constantly and systematically.

 From the goals and objectives to guide the research to choose the method of its conduct, Initially, we use the information obtained on the basis of secondary data - desk research, collected from internal and external sources:

  • Reviews of exhibitions, conferences;
  • commercial databases and data banks;
  • own databases and research experts West Union;
  • extract information from subscriptions;
  • data from the periodical press;
  • gathering information on the Internet;
  • data published by Chinese state organizations: the official statistics, financial reports, results and analysis of scientific research;
  • specialized publications.

At the next stage of the study takes into account the primary data obtained through the so-called field of marketing research:

  • surveys at trade shows, conferences, when visiting factories;
  • surveys of market participants - producers, intermediaries, consumers:
  • interviews with all market participants affect the activity of the test project.

In analyzing the data to provide estimates of the market - to determine its actual size and structure of the present marks and brands, analysis of pricing policy, its geography and segmentation, development, forecasts. Makes a complete overview of the competition - direct competitors, their products, pricing and marketing policies of competitors, a strategy to promote products. It describes the distinctive features of this market - description prevailing market model, the basic criteria of attractiveness, the legal framework, taxation, certification, costs of logistics.

Working with us, you are guaranteed to have only rapid, reliable and verified information. You will acquire a solid foundation for successful management and business development in cooperation with our company.

Advice on legislation

West Union Group provides clients with high-quality and reliable information on Chinese legislations , which allows you to make the correct decision in the organization of their own business. Legally correct statement of the problem and its solution in accordance with the law are an integral part and key to the success of any enterprise. This is especially true of China, where in this as in other spheres of life, there is a kind of semantic specificity that can be misleading and lead to mistakes and financial losses in the future.  

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the Chinese legislation on the conduct of business, and consult with a legal advisor of West Union Group.

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