Individual counseling for individuals and corporate clients on taxation

Typical solutions using the capabilities of classical offshore and low tax jurisdictions do exist, but usually the actual effectiveness reveals only individually selected schemes of various companies’ relationships. Therefore, in order to save your time and get real results, we recommend the format of individual counseling. Our experience shows that only in the process of live communication with an experienced specialist can find optimal solutions to individual problems. Contact our experts, and we will determine the most comfortable meeting variant for you. Consultants can drive up to the office of your company or to arrange talks in a comfortable West Union office.

West Union Group drew attention to customers' new format for individual consultations. Individual counseling consists of two phases: 

  •  Initial individual consultation aimed at formulating the problem of individual counseling, clarification of the scope of the client, his perspective, developing the format and modalities, scope and duration of the program. This service is provided free of charge. 
  • Program in-depth individual counseling, adapted to the needs and interests of the client. 

Consultations are carried out by the most competent and experienced specialists of West Union Group. The price of service is determined during initial consultations. 

For those who do not have the opportunity to meet the consultants in our office, we offer a format for written advice. You can fill out the request form on the website and our specialists will answer you as soon as possible. 

Seminar program of West Union is organized in such a way to give students a compact form of the basic approaches of business processes optimization sing the opportunities offered by the classic offshore and low tax jurisdictions. The main subjects of attention are practical examples. Seminar trainers are the best specialists of West Union group, practitioners and consultants, as well as invited experts - known Russian and foreign experts.

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